Easy bitcoin wallet alias

Make ⚡ Lightning Network ⚡ payments quick & efortless

Node backend type
*keysend alias uses a proxy as lightning address protocol does not support direct keysend payments yet

Simple payments now possible with Lightning Netowork

Sending bitcoin is now as simple as sending an email, try it out :)

  • no need for requesting invoices, just publish your lightinng address
  • standarized protocol compatible with multiple wallet vendors
  • abiity to customize payment dialogs (in progress)
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Frequently Asked Questions

See below to find answers to most common questions around the usage of the aliasing service.

  • What is that whole backend type? How do I create an alias for my wallet?

    Node backend type represents the backend your wallet provider / application is based on. You can usually find server and key information in the wallet / application settings. If you don't see your backend available you can create a GitHub Issue for the project or contribute and prepare a pull request yourself :-)

  • There's not much we can do. You can try to contact the current owner (for example by sending them a few satoshis with a comment/message) and see if they'd be open for handing it over to you. The situation here is very similar to domain names (DNS) and aliases are reserved in first-come, first-served basis. Once a certain alias is claimed, only the owner can make changes to it.

  • That's a bummer! First check if you can still see it in your wallet (we set up an invoice with PIN in the comment when you claim an alias). If you stil can't find it, just send us a message to the tipping ln address in the footer and we're try to get you sorted.

  • You're in the wrong part of the internet my friend. I'm impressed that you went that deep into the website though! Congrats :-)

  • For general things just use GitHub issues. An alternative, more direct way is sending a message via the tipping alias visible in the page footer.

  • None! As this is a free service, there are no SLA's involved and it should be considered a beta. Don't worry too much though - in worst case scenario the alias might stop working but this won't put your funds or your wallet in danger

    If you're looking for a packaged product with guaratness please contact me!


Please use GitHub issues system for feature requests and bug reporting. We're happy to accept pull requests to the project too!

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